About Dr. Toni Galardi


There are all these labels that describe me: public speaker, psychotherapist, career coach, futurist, and writer. What connects them all is my mission in life. What I care most deeply about is helping you master change so that you can make authentic choices on a day to day to day basis. Through my work, you will achieve this by utilizing tools I’ve devised that eliminate the need to use crisis as a catalyst for moving forward.

I was the poster child for ‘the change-impaired’. Even after three near-fatal experiences, I still find making big changes a challenge. Fortunately, I created a seven-stage change model that helps access the wisdom and courage to change now without the trauma and drama. For those of you who suffer like I did from a ‘rut producing fear of the unknown’, I provide a light at the end of your tunnel through my coaching, public speaking, workshops, and CD’s.

Since uncovering the LifeQuake Phenomenon, I have been invited to appear or provide expert quotes for such media outlets as Neil Caputo, Good Day LA, Good Morning San Diego, FOX News San Diego, the Vancouver Sun, KFROG and Workwise, among many others.


2 responses to “About Dr. Toni Galardi

  1. Very interesting site. I like your way of thinking.
    You can count me in as a regular 🙂


  2. Hi Toni,

    A comment on my blog post called Self Help lead me to your site and I just wanted to say I resonate with you and your view.



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